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• stopped smoking?

• Are you going to get married?

• an important application?

• an exciting date?

We have all the professional knowledge and experience and guarantee that you will get white teeth again. We are 100% behind our product and treatments.


Get a "Hollywood Smile" safely, painlessly and inexpensively?

get your whiteness back in the shortest possible time!

We use:

o state-of-the-art treatment techniques for maximum white results

o the newest whitening gels from the USA

o the most modern dental cosmetic equipment and LED bleaching lighting

o professionally trained staff

o individual private treatment in a private room

• a pampering gift for yourself?

• no sense to bleach your teeth with the expensive dentist?

• Would you prefer a private treatment room and not in a stale room?

Click  to book your whitening treatment online:

White and Shine Package:                           100   mins   €199

(Recommended for new client)                  

Regular Whitening Care Package:               45  mins   €79



Yearly Package (3+1 free):                                                      €355


                1x White and Shine Package

                2x Regular Whitening Care Package

                1x free Regular Whitening Care Package

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